Saturday, March 13, 2010

L’Arc Paris Restaurant and NightClub

The L’Arc Paris Restaurant-Bar and Nightclub has been open for only four months but has already become the place to be seen in Paris nightlife of late. This fantastic nightclub has built its name with a focus on progressive interior design, historic location and a focus on luxury services.

The L’Arc Paris Restaurant and Nightclub is located across the street from the famed Arc de Triomph, the monument from which this establishment takes its name. While eating the culinary creations of chef Antony Germani, patrons have clear views of this important piece ofParis’ architectural history.

Last month, one of the most important occasions at the L’Arc Club was the Chloé Van Paris’s Fashion Burlesque Ball, a masquerade where the dress code was “13 cm heels, nylon, glamorous stockings, retro, pine-up, dandy, sexy, smart and glamorous.”

The design of L’Arc Paris is the pride of Cannes-based Prospect Design, an architectural and interior design firm specializing in nightclubs, restaurants and retail. Prospect was established in 1996 by Samy Chams (and expanded into Dubai in 2005) whose night-club design work includes VIP Room in St Tropez, Baili in Cannes, and Maddox and Movida in London.

In conclusion, we want to ask you one question: Would you like to drink a cocktail in the L’Arc Paris Restaurant and NightClub on your next trip to Paris?! We, think, the answer is definitely, ‘yes’.

To find out more, don’t forget to check the gallery below after the jump. [L'arcParis by ProspectDesign via TheCoolHunter]

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