Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas gifts for Gadget Lovers

DeWalt-Williams F1 Simulator
Driving an F1 car requires much more than money. You need to be extremely fit to withstand the high G forces that F1 cars generate during cornering. For all the lesser mortals who want thrills of an F1 car minus all the exhaustion, here is the DeWalt-Williams F1 Simulator. The simulator mimics a modern F1 car’s cockpit with a monocoque cabin manufactured from top quality genuine race materials, a steering wheel made of carbon fiber, genuine front suspension, ex-race wheels and tires too. All this racing kit gets a great simulator with ultra realistic graphics. So, what are you waiting for? Buy yourself the F1 simulator to zoom away and lap the Nurburgring.

GM-M7800S Wireless Computer Mouse
The ubiquitous computer mouse gets some beautification courtesy Gigabyte. Gigabyte has encrusted the GM-M7800S wireless computer mouse with Swarovski crystals to give it an oh-so-sexy look. Leather is another material that makes the GM-M7800S wireless mouse feel a bit more special. Advanced laser tracking, 1600/800 adjustable resolution, tilt wheel and a nano receiver are standard bits on the wireless mouse that works on 2.4GHz wireless technology. The GM-M7800S wireless computer mouse comes in at an affordable $60.

Virginia Tech MP3 Enabled Hoodie
Jogging along with a great song to keep you company is one of the best ways to stay in shape. Music on the go usually means pesky wires. LimbGear has a solution in store for you in the Virginia Tech MP3 Enabled Hoodie. With this hood, you can control your iPod through buttons on the sleeve. The pesky wires will be routed safely through channels in the hood, thus letting you jog without any intrusion. What’s more, you can even clean the hoodie whenever it needs a wash. The simple, yet effective Virginia Tech MP3 Enabled Hoodie will cost you $85.

HD Helmet HERO
Adventure buffs wanting to capture all their death defying moves on camera will love the HD Helmet HERO from GoPro. This waterproof high-definition camera comes with its own mounts that will let you wear it while you attempt that record setting bungee jump. The camera also has an ultra-wide 170 degree view to satisfy even the most avid wide view photographers. You can also snap pics automatically for all of two and a half hours. The camera can be worn on your head via a helmet or can be mounted on vehicles too. You can buy the HD Helmet HERO this Christmas for $229.

Artist Series A40 Headphones
Gamers love to collect everything associated with their favorite characters. The folks at ASTRO Gaming know that. So, they just went ahead to create the Artist Series A40 Headphones. These headphones feature the insignias of popular video game characters ranging from RayGun to the Bone Shield. The fully adjustable headphones will reproduce crystal clear sound, giving you an enjoyable gaming experience. The A40 Headphones also come with a quick-disconnect cable and multiple ends, a MixAmp cable and a standard dual-jack PC connector with in-line volume and mute control. All this sits in a smart carrying case. The A40 headphones sell for $341.

Specchio Wi-Fi Digiframe
Digiframes have quickly replaced the photo frames of yore. Here is another such digiframe that goes beyond just being another digiframe. The Specchio Wi-Fi digiframe will display pics. When it isn’t doing that, it will double up as a mirror. Like its name suggests, it will even use Wi-Fi to receive emailed photographs. It can also connect to online photo sharing services like Flickr and display your pics from there. All this functionality makes the $500 Specchio Wi-Fi Digiframe very versatile and expensive too.

BioMirage Coffer
Large, unwieldy safes with combination locks are so yesterday. So how do you manage to safeguard your belongings? The answer to that question lies in the BioMirage Coffer, which brings the style equation to safety. The BioMirage Coffer uses fingerprint recognition and a USB key for access control. A patented algorithm and a capacitive sensor make sure that the fingerprint access works reliably. The BioMirage Coffer Safe, which weighs a tad over 10 pounds, can be yours for $579.

Gokukawa Black Leather Keyboard
Hammering away all day on the keyboard isn’t easy on the fingers. If you can muster up some extra money, you can say goodbye to the physiotherapist and buy yourself the GokuKawa Black Leather Clad keyboard. Like its name suggests, the Gokukawa keyboard is wrapped in soft black leather that will look classy and feel classy too. The cost of all this class and comfort at $630 is certainly pretty steep for a keyboard.

Akai all-in-one Entertainment Unit
Saving space is the buzzword, especially in today’s world where space certainly comes at a high premium. Saving space also means compactness that looks very trendy. In this vein, Akai has unveiled an all-in-one entertainment system that combines a DVD player, a speaker system, an iPod dock and even an AM/FM radio. To keep with the times, the system also gets HDMI output, USB and memory card ports for playing music. The Akai all-in-one entertainment system retails for $700.

Vertu V Accessories Collection
If you can afford the staggeringly expensive Vertu phones, you may also want to buy a few of their accessories. This time around, Vertu has come out with the V Accessories collection and has surprisingly priced it affordably. Vertu’s hyper expensive mobile phone accessories range from Vertu V Bluetooth headsets to Vertu V memory card readers and even includes some leather goods. Like always, Vertu has spared no expense in designing these accessories, which obviously means that they will look stunning. The price range for the Vertu V Accessories range from $330 to $730.

T.O.O.B. Omni-directional Dome Screen
Immersive movie watching is the new buzz in town with a plethora of movies releasing in 3D format. Now, you can sit in the confines of your cozy home and still manage to watch a 3D movie. Animator and inventor Alexander Marten McDonnell has designed an omni-directional dome screen called the T.O.O.B. The omni-directional dome screen will use a home projector from the outside of the half dome and a mirror in the middle that reflects movies. This will give viewers a totally immersive experience. The best part of the T.O.O.B. is the fact that it supports multiple formats. Meanwhile, the T.O.O.B. sells for $1,590.

MJ Art Studio’s extreme mods
Moneyed folks always look for that extra bit of difference in every product they use, especially to steer clear of the crowd and to make a individualistic statement. The boffins at the MJ Art Studio have recognized this need and have turned out plenty of everyday gadgets into rich masterpieces through their craftsmanship. Luxury laptops, computer peripherals, premium flash drives, customized iPhones, you name it and MJ Art Design will customize it for you. Now, they’ve launched a range of luxury notebooks called the 777 Edition. Customization is always high end and so are the prices, which incidentally will be made available on request.

TAG Heuer MERIDIIST Automobili Lamborghini
Lamborghini makes the hottest supercars on the planet. Tag Heuer on the other hand makes bespoke watches that use cutting edge technology to tell time. When both these great manufacturers come together, they make waves. This time, they are making waves with a cellphone called the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST Automobili Lamborghini. Needless to say, the twin LCD screen cellphone embodies cutting edge technology to suit its awe inspiring design. The sleek cellphone will let you talk for 28 hours, listen to music, snap pics and surf the internet. And these are just a few of the cellphone’s varied features. To make it ultra exclusive, only 1963 examples of the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST Automobili Lamborghini will be produced. Why only 1963? To signify Lamborghini’s year of inception! So grab one for $7,500 before it sells out.

BMW cars are known for being involving drives that look sharp. Now, BMW DesignworksUSA has decided to infuse some of BMW’s design principles to computer cases. Say hello to the BMW Computer Case targeted squarely at gamers who love cutting edge stuff. The BMW computer case makes sure that all the wires and game processors are enclosed in a sharp looking exterior case. This will let gamers indulge in their passion without the annoying wires and equipment creating an eyesore. Like everything BMW, the BMW Computer Case too will command a significant premium.

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