Friday, December 11, 2009

Unexpected Revolting Gold Gadgets

The gadget world is getting ‘golden’ day by day with a large number of gadgets being manufactured with gold bars and diamonds. Its all seem to be glittering all around.

Gold plated engine

Engine bays have always been notoriously difficult to keep clean. When you have a gold plated engine it is much easier to keep clean. Gold plating is resistant to dirt (24 carot is pure gold and more pure the better the anti reactive nature), so there is no problem with corrosion and other engine grime! It’s a good reason to upgrade the security on your car though and perhaps hire a 24-7 security team. If the boys down the pug are argueing over their red top, blue top and black top engines you can silence them all with this gold topped one.

Gold Stroller

This limited edition “gloriously pimptastic!” gold stroller is one of 10 made by the British brand Mamas and Papas for Selfridges’ Golden Christmas Celebration. Even if you’re willing to pony up the $860 for thestroller , you won’t be able to find one available

Gold-Coated Aquarion Tranforming Figure

For Transforming figure fans, here is a great stuff released just for you. Talking about transforming toy, Japan is the heaven. One of the popular company in Japan, Bandai, is going to re-issuing Aquarion as a Tamashii Web Shop Limited item. This transforming figure is made of ABS, PVC and zinc alloy. Of course, it’s also finished with gold coating the entire body.

Gold Plated Computer Mouse

This gold-plated computer mouse is luxury defined and so much more masculine than flowers and diamonds. And at US$4,651, so much more reasonable too.

Gold Plated Ford

The latest entrant to the decked-out editions in the ultra-opulent luxury car list is a gold plated Ford. So, who owns this golden Ford? Unfortunately, the details are scanty and we know just one thing for now that this Ford is gold plated.

Gold Plated Keyboard

It’s insanely strange taste to covered a keyboard with a pure gold. Yes, pure gold covering the keyboard which is the new design of a Japanese Company, Wazakura Koubou.
Although it looks expensive like blocks of gold arrange together to form the keyboard, it’s not so expensive. You can get it for $271 only, or 28.875 Yen in Japan.

Pure Gold pc

Do you mad for gold? Well, there is no sin to love gold. We should admit that gold is nice and everybody want it. But what happen if you are a geek? Well, here is the result of Hardcore geek + mad for gold dual personality sync together:
From the looks of it, they’ve also managed to cram some reasonably high-end specs into the PC, including an unspecified Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT graphics with 512MB of RAM, and a generous eight USB ports and two FireWire ports. No word on a price, naturally, but, whatever exorbitant amount it is, you can just tell yourself that it’s not just a PC, it’s an investment.

Nintendo Wii

The Game publisher THQ Inc. has set out to promote the release of their latest Nintendo Wii title Big Family Games which is a game meant for whole family from kids to grandparents. Can you imagine, THQ has sent the Queen of England a gold-plated version of the Wii.
THQ’s Danielle Robinson said in a press release They said “We thought that Her Majesty the Queen wouldn’t want to play on any old console, so an extra-special gold one was commissioned. We hope that she and the rest of the Royal Family enjoy the game!”

Gold Plated AK-47

A gold-plated Kalashnikov AK47 and Gold plated SVD (Al Kadisha) reportedly given to Saddam’s son, Uday, found at the palace in Baghdad. Also some are reported to have been given to one of Saddam Hussein’s henchmen. Many pictures are posted on the web of soldiers posing with the Gold AK47 and Gold SVD (Al Kadisha).

Gold Plated Vibrator

We’re not sure what purpose there is in this $1500 gold plated Elo Vya vibrator other than to give you heavy metal poisoning, but here it is. The 18k gold plated vibrator will satisfy women (and men), but also passes its AU into your porous areas. Which can’t be good at all. But hey, it’s on sale for $1350. Score!

Gold-plated Porsche

The town of Pforzheim in south-west Germany is famous for its jewellery and watch-making industry and accordingly is known as “the City of Gold.” The city is also the home of the first Gold-plated Porsche.
All the major components, from the control elements such as the steering wheel and door knobs to the car body and alloy rims, are allgold plated, making the two-seater exceptionally luxurious.
Visualis, which is situated in Pforzheim, gilded a Porsche Boxster in 22 carat beaten gold.
Nine Porsche Models will undergo the same, unique refinement process to continue the creative project. Although the price is not yet disclosed, Visualis’ Petra Koehler reports that “curious people are already anxious to know who are going to be the owners of these magnificent automobiles.”

Nikon FA Gold

Nikon was justifiably very proud of their FA, the first camera to use computerized multi-segment metering.
It was the first Gold Nikon offered for sale to the public, commemorating winning the European camera of the Year award for 1984.
Production estimated at 2000. The 20 gold plated parts are 24K gold plated. The body covering is red lizard skin. The easily scratched gold finish was protected with a specially provided cleaning cloth, complete with special Nikon gold cleaners.

LG gold plated 71PY10 71 inch plasma TV

This is one home theater system your guests are never gonna stop talking about. LG’s LH-C643, the stuff of water cooler gossip, simply calls out to the Mercedes-owning uncles and aunties with its 24-carat gold-plated exterior, which LG claims is the world’s first luxury home theater setup.

24 Karat Gold with Diamonds MacBook Pro

The 24-carat gold MacBook Pro. The MacBook is completely golden with a diamond studded apple logo. Yet another product for a filthy rich businessman, seeking the attention of his wife can definitely contemplate over this gadget.
The blingified Golden Macbook has been designed by Alex Wiley and unquestionably not for mass customisation. There are two versions available which are 24kt Gold & Diamonds 15″ Macbook Pro and the 24kt Gold 15″ Macbook Pro.

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